Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order color samples?
Since all monitors show slightly different colors you may request color samples directly from sample finish order page or call 718-690-3030. All door sample finishes will be shipped free of charge.
How do I know what the doors are made of?
Most door models have a detailed description of both inner and outer structures and materials. Majority of the doors we carry are solid core. In comparison to hollow core, the solid core doors provide more sound and temperature insulation and usually have a higher price tag. Please keep in mind that a solid core door does not necessarily mean that it’s completely whole on the inside. With today’s technology, door manufacturers use internal grid structures to prevent door slabs from warping and deforming, without compromising the insulation characteristics.
What is Pre-hung option?
The pre-hanging option is simply the assembly of your door unit at the factory. If a door is ordered pre-hung, it will already have the handle bore and the door slab will be hung on the hinges of your choice. The main reason most people order their doors pre-hung is to save time during installation and reduce the possibility of making a mistake. Please be advised that if you purchase a door with European hardware, we highly recommend to order the unit pre-hung from the factory. Special tools and templates are necessary for pre-hanging non - American Standard hardware.
What is a Door Swing and how do I know what I need?
Here is a graph of the correct swings. You can print the graph and walk around the house with it to take notes before you order. There is a lot of information online and debates on in-swing, out-swings left and right but realistically there are only two options - left or right, the swings you find online are all correct. If you are buying a door from a specific site just use their graph to figure out what swings you need.
How long does it take to get my order?
Depending on what you ordered and options you picked it may vary. For example, you ordered up to ten doors with pre-hung option. The manufacturer will need up to 5 days to process the order, after that the order will be shipped via freight and depending on your location it might take 2-5 days. In total, the processing time with shipping should not take more than 10 days. If you order contains items that ship Ground or Express it should not take more than 5 days to your door.
At what stage of construction should I order my doors and door hardware?
We all know doors are one of the last steps in renovation or construction. Just because the doors go in last it does not mean you can’t start looking and ordering. We really believe that doors should be ordered at the beginning of the project and will explain why. There are a lot of color options out there as well as sizes that are not in stock and have to be specially made for you which will take sometimes up to 3 months and by the time you are ready to install them they will be ready. So don’t wait till you are done because you will end up buying what’s there and you might not like it as much. Any hardware could always be ordered later on since in most cases it’s always in stock and made to standards.
How do I properly measure the door sizes and rough openings?

For existing door replacement, measure the width and height of the actual door slab.

For new construction, measure the width and height of the rough opening and deduct 2 inches. 

Standard Door Slab Sizes Minimum Rough Openings
18" x 80" 20" x 82"
24" x 80" 26" x 82"
28" x 80" 30" x 82"
30" x 80" 32" x 82"
32" x 80" 34" x 82"
36" x 80" 38" x 82"
What type of door handles or knobs can I choose for my doors?
You can choose any interior door lever or knob for your door as long as it’s made for indoor use. There are 2 types of latch sizes that are standard 2 3/8” ” and 2 3/4”. In most cases the latch is adjustable but for the ones that are not, you will need to indicate what option to choose (in most cases it is 2 3/8”).
What type of Lock should I go with, American Standard or European Magnetic Lock?
The Magnetic Lock means latch will automatically close after you shut the door. Meanwhile, in American standard, it will do the same once the door is shut but maybe will make a bigger noise. If you do decide to go with Magnetic Lock, please keep in mind you can only use European standard levers, not American levers.
What type of hinges should I go with? Standard visible or concealed invisible?
This option depends on your taste and the looks. Some doors look better without hinges being seen. Others would look better with exposed hinges.
What hardware company is best to go with?
It all depends on one's taste and budget. Levers and knobs can vary in price. We carry some of the most known door hardware manufacturers. Refer to our sales team for help in choosing the right door hardware for your project.
Can the same door model have different door functions?
One of the most frequent questions is how can one keep the same door style and color throughout the entire home. Any model we carry can function as a Single Swing Door as well as Double, Pocket, Bi-pass Sliding or Barn. All you need is the right hardware to have your door function the way you want. Ask our sales team for help if needed.